Medical Care

Med Plan has contracted with hundreds of Physician and Specialist in the Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties to become "Preferred Providers" for Med Plan members. These Physicians are licensed healthcare professionals in the State of Florida and have been credentialed by Med Plan Provider Relations department to insure our members are treated by qualified and licensed professionals.

Med Plan Members can visit any of our providers once their application for membership has been processed and entered into our systems this usually takes two to three business days. Our members have no restrictions or forms to fill to see any of the physician or specialists in our directory simply call any of the providers on our directory and schedule your appointment. If you like you can call our office at 305-MED-PLAN and we will make the appointment for you.

Med Plan members also have the added advantage of knowing what they will pay to see any of our providers. No more trying to figure out which provider offers the lowest price, or figuring out what does 80% discount means to you. Our members pay $40 dollars for an initial office visit and $20 dollars for all future follow visits to their Primary Care Physician. No surprises

Our Specialist Physician Network also has the same feature "Fixed Pricing" our members only pay $60 dollars for the initial office visit and $40 dollars for follow up visit. No Surprises period.

Even though you can visit a specialist directly we encourage our members to select a Primary Care Physician from our directory, or call our office at 305-MED-PLAN and we will assist you in selecting a doctor that is close to you. Most medical conditions can be resolved by visiting a Family or General Practitioner, but on those occasions a Specialist is need your Primary Care Physician can coordinate with any specialist your plan of treatment and medications ordered. By having a Primary Care Physician you will ensure that you are not prescribed treatments for medical conditions with medication that can have contraindication if used in combination with other medications prescribed by other doctors. Your Primary Care Physician will be your gatekeeper protecting the integrity of your treatment plan